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Fall/Spring Semesters

Students enrolled in courses at College of Charleston will receive eBills through their on campus Cmail e-mail accounts and to the e-mails of Authorized Users. eBills will not be sent to any other e-mail address without the student’s permission.

Full payment of the balance due, either the entire balance or the first installment of the payment plan, is due on or before the due date as indicated on the eBill.

Any student who does not pay his or her bill in a timely fashion will receive a warning e-mail indicating that the student's registration for that term is in jeopardy. If the requisite payment is not made, the registration for that term will be cancelled. Failure to comply with this payment policy can delay your anticipated graduation date.

Please note: If you will not be attending the College of Charleston, you must properly withdraw from your classes. This policy is not meant to replace proper withdrawal procedures.

To avoid schedule cancellation, please remember the following:

  1. If you have someone other than yourself paying your bill, such as a parent or any other third party, add them as an Authorized User to your eBill file.
  2. Check your Cmail e-mail regularly. Your on campus e-mail account is the official communication tool used by College of Charleston.
  3. Complete any financial aid paper work promptly and accurately.
  4. Check MyCharleston for any financial information such as balances due, financial aid obligations, etc. Remember, MyCharleston is a “live” system and has the most up to date balance information. eBills are like paper bills—they will not reflect charges or payments made after their issuance.
  5. If you have a third party payer such as a state tuition pre-paid plan, military tuition assistance, or any other payer that needs to be billed by CofC, please fax or mail the appropriate paperwork to the Treasurer’s Office well in advance of the bill due date. Any balance not covered by the third party must be paid timely. (Fax: 843.953.5573)
  6. Communicate—do not hesitate to contact the Treasurer’s Office or any other office with questions pertinent to your balance due.


  1. Sign on to MyCharleston and Re-register immediately. Your previous schedule no longer exists and cancellation of your previous schedule cannot be reversed.
  2. Make the requisite payment. as posted on your last eBill.   YOU MAY NO LONGER BE ELIGIBLE FOR A PAYMENT PLAN FOR THIS SEMESTER ***Paper Checks and eChecks returned as Non-Sufficient Funds or Stopped Payment will be considered the same as not making a timely payment.

If the add/drop period has already passed, you can only request re-entry into your class(es) if you have been consistently attending your original class(es) and you have paid your original bill in full. The payment plan is not available under these circumstances.

  1. If you are not able to get back in to a class that is crucial to your matriculation requirements;
    • Please refer to the chart below. For each department, a contact person is listed. Make an appointment to see that person to inquire about reinstatement into the class.

**This is not a guarantee that you will get back into the class you need. Each department has their own policy on handling students that have their schedules cancelled for non-payment and will follow up accordingly.

Accounting & Legal Studies Daniels, Roger
Art History Heston, Mary Beth
Arts Management Program Shanklin-Peterson, Scott
Studio Art Frankel, Sara
Biology Jones, Damaris
Chemistry & Biochemistry Riggs-Gelasco, Pam
Classics Johnson, Tim
Communication Kopfman, Jenifer
Computer Science van Delden, Sebastian
Economics & Finance Perry, Marianne
Elementary and Early Childhood Education Gutshall, Anne
Foundations, Secondary and Special Education Gutshall, Anne
English Seaman, Myra
English Russell, William
School of the Arts - Administration Morris, Valerie
French Department Hagn-Ford, Sabine
Geology and Environmental Geosciences Colgan, Mitchell
German and Slavic Studies Koerner, Morgan
Hispanic Studies (SPAN and PORT)

Moses, Laura

Hispanic Studies (SPAN and PORT)

Bates, Kimber


Jestice, Phyllis

Hospitality and Tourism Management Smith, Wayne
Language, Culture and World Affairs Tharp, Marilyn
Mathematics Jeter, Debbie or Mignone, Robert
Management & Entrepreneurship Kent, Thomas
Marketing & Supply Chain Management

Quesada, Gioconda


Zemp, Robin
Health and Human Performance

Carroll, Thomas

Philosophy Krasnoff, Larry
Physics and Astronomy Kuthirummal, Narayanan
Political Science Knotts, Gibbs

Swickert, Rhonda

Psychology Evans, Kirby
Religious Studies Siegler, Elijah
Sociology & Anthropology Burkett, Tracy
Theatre McCabe, Janine
**All Graduate Students Olejniczak, Robyn